Huggies® Newborn Diapers

The first few months with your newborn can be tricky. Keeping your tiny one’s skin soft and healthy is particularly difficult. Thankfully, you now have Huggies® Newborn Diapers specially designed keeping your little one in mind.

Give your baby that extra softness and guarantee of complete dryness with Huggies® Newborn Diapers.

Product Benefits

Rash free and breathable

Our dry and breathable diapers are clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash. The soft pad of the diaper pulls pee and runny poop quickly away from your baby’s skin.

Extra Softness

The Huggies® Newborn diaper is extra soft, on the inside and the outside, making it super comfy for your baby. Considering the amount of time babies spend lying down, we have added more cushioning on the back.

Changing Time

The wetness indicator turns from yellow to blue, so you’ll know when your baby needs a diaper change.

12 Hour Dryness

Superior absorbency keeps your baby’s skin dry all night long.